Romance2Revolution: Ulysses 2012

Romance2Revolution: Music by Tchaikovsky, his Contemporaries and Heirs celebrates Russian music and culture in conjunction with the first-ever Ulysses Festival, Charlotte's Spring Festival of the Arts (March 2012). Find out about Charlotte’s Russian community and Russian arts and culture in general by listening to the audio features below.

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Get an overview of the Ulysses Festival 2012, Charlotte's first spring arts festival. The inaugural season’s theme is Tchaikovsky and the Majesty of Russia. It features events at a number of museums and performance venues, as well as collaborations between arts groups such as the Charlotte Symphony, Opera Carolina and NC Dance Theater.

North Carolina Dance Theater's Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux and The Light Factory's Linnea Beyer talk about Ulysses performances produced by their respective organiztions.

Sam Van Hallgren talks with Neil Lerner about how Tchaikovsky differs from other Russian composers and with James Meena and Christopher Warren-Green about Opera Carolina's and the Charlotte Symphony's Tchaikovsky performances as part of the Ulysses Festival 2012.