Patrycja Kujawska

sp11-WEB-red-shoes-patrycja-kujawska-150Patrycja Kujawska studied at the Academy of Music in Gdansk, Poland, graduating in violin performance. She has performed with Dada von Bzdulow Theatre since 1994 and composed the music to Dada's The Doom of the People or My Liver Has No Sense. In 2007 she was awarded a grant from Arts Council England, Yorkshire to compose music inspired by French sculptor Sabrina Gruss. Her theatre credits include roles in touring productions of If We Go On (2009), Test Run (2008 and 2006), Fairy Tale (2006), Broken Chords (2005), Punch Drunk (2004), Let The Mountains Lead You To Love (2003) and Drop Dead Gorgeous (2001). The Red Shoes is Kujawska's first Kneehigh Theatre production for Spoleto Festival USA.