South Carolina Philharmonic: Beethoven’s First Piano Concerto

nakahara morihikoBeethoven’s First Piano Concerto is the title of the concert featured on this edition of Carolina Live, and that important work is given the expected excellent performance by the South Carolina Philharmonic and pianist Philip Bush.  Also on the program is The Passing Sun by John Fitz Rogers, a work commissioned by the orchestra, and the delightful Symphony No. 7 in d-minor by Antonin Dvorak. There’s interesting variety from the orchestra and conductor Morihiko Nakahara, so join us and enjoy.

Morihiko Nakahara, conductor

Fitz Rogers: The Passing Sun

Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 1 in C Major
Philip Bush, piano

Dvorak: Symphony No. 7 in d-minor

Bottesini: Double Bass Concerto No. 2 in b-minor
Edgar Meyer, double bass